Made the Russell way since 1902

Back in 1902, when a young man named Benjamin Russell began manufacturing clothing with just ten sewing machines and 12 employees, he set out on a journey that’s led to his business becomming one of the world’s best-known clothing brands.

More than 110 years later, we’re still making things the Russell way – and still creating new products, new processes and new ways of working with our resellers and distributors.

At Russell, there have always been stories of innovation, quality and integrity behind everything we do. Stories of new products and of established favourites. Tales of innovative fibres and of garments that will be loved and worn with pride. Some people strive to be first. Some people strive to be best. We’ve always said, ‘let’s strive to be both’. It’s why we’ve been pioneers at the cutting edge since 1902. Todat we’re one of the few manufacturers in our field of clothing business to operate a full in-house design team. Every fibre tells a story.